Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dealcoholized wine?

Since time in memorial, humanity has had the desire to be able to drink much and not get drunk, however the production methods of de-alcoholization have been illusive until now. This desire is more so today with health concerns and the drunk-driving legislations for instance.

Simply put, de-alcoholized wine is wine that has had the alcohol removed from it. Sena is more than just a grape juice! We make our wines using traditional winemaking methods. After the juice is fermented, we remove the alcohol using a cold filtration process by a special machine called a spinning cone. This allows people to enjoy the pleasure and nuance of a fermented beverage without the negative impact that alcohol can bring.

Why would someone drink non-alcoholic wine?

There are many occasions when you may want to enjoy the taste or the benefits of fine wine as an accompaniment to food, but do not want the alcohol effect. Also many of our customers are those who do not drink alcohol, because of health, religious, or personal reasons. For some of these people, Sena de-alcoholized wines are an excellent beverage alternative to soft fizzy drinks, fruit juices, tea and coffee. The frequent expression from them is a resounding “At last!!”

What do Sena wines taste like?

We use premium, wines with grapes grown in the Cape Winelands of South Africa to make Sena wines. We are committed to making the highest quality, best-tasting, de-alcoholized wine available in the market today. Sena employs the same production method as regular wines but undergo a further process to rid them of alcohol which is what imparts body and texture to wine. Albeit devoid of the depth imparted by alcohol, our result is close. That said, Sena wines do not taste exactly like those containing alcohol, so they may not satisfy all appreciations. If you are transitioning to de-alcoholized wines after being a connoisseur of traditional wines, it may take a few Sena encounters before they become completely acceptable to your palate. However, many of our customers are none the wiser regarding the difference in taste, while others actually prefer this to that of the regular wines with alcohol. We encourage you to try a bottle for yourself and let us know what you think!

Do Sena wines contain any alcohol?

Although it is physically impossible to remove 100% of the alcohol from fermented beverages, Sena wines meet the legal requirement of a de-alcoholized, non-alcoholic beverage, which stipulates that the product must contain less than half of one percent alcohol (<0.5%). Believe it or not, Sena dealcoholized wines contain even less alcohol than most fruit juices!

Can recovering alcoholics, pregnant women and diabetics drink Sena wines?

Everybody’s situation is different! If you feel safe drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices then you can drink Sena wines.

Does Sena make any wines with alcohol?

No, Sena is devoted to producing only non-alcoholic beverages for the inclusion of the many who have been excluded in the wine drinking culture until now.

Why is Sena used by people who are dieting?

Sena is a healthy alternative for individuals trying to lose weight, as our de-alcoholized wines contain only one-third of the calories that wines with alcohol contain.

Is Sena Vegan? Kosher? Halal?

Sena Wines are not certified vegan, Kosher or halal and therefore do not accommodate every lifestyle.

Where can I find Sena in my area?

Sena is found on the online store Several restaurants and wine bars,   grocery chains, fine wine shops and restaurants. If you cannot find us at your local retailer call 083 682 9287 or send orders to 

What inspired you to go into non-alcoholic wine?

I have been inspired to do this for more than 5 years. I identified a gap in the market in the years that I was working at Browns as a Cellar Master, Sommelier and Functions Co-ordinator. I realised that although wine enhances the taste of food and imparts gastric health benefits, there are many reasons that people do not drink it even though they may still want something that is sophisticated and adult. Also fewer people are drinking wine when they go out for dinner because of the drink driving laws.

Where does the name Sena come from?

Sena is a Ghanaian name which means “God given”. I believe that this idea was a divine download to me by God. It is not my own, I am merely a vessel. Even the overwhelming response that I have received thus far is not my own work. It is of The Almighty God. The Ghanaian name is because my paternal family originate from Ghana. The name Tutu emanates from Osei Tutu. This is why I have also used the colours black and gold in the label. I am going back to my roots and thanking my maker.